Team Takeover – Why working from home is here to stay…

It’s certainly not been the 2020 any of us expected. We have been adjusting to new ways of working, it’s something we have all had to take in our stride. BUT, we’ve adapted and taken to it like a duck to water!

How we have embraced working from home?

Over the past six months, It’s been lovely working with the team on a new level, we’ve stuck together, buddied up and checked in on each other on a daily basis. We’ve participated in many Zoom calls, had virtual team sessions and because of this, we feel stronger than ever.

We have used our weekly team huddles as the perfect opportunity for our High 5 reward system, the team share with one another who they want to thank for their help and support for that week, in which we then follow up with a gift for the winner.

We’ve all experienced, the Zoom calls have been nothing if not entertaining, we’ve had multiple serenades of Happy Birthday, welcoming a number of pet dogs to our meetings and even witnessed DJ James working his magic on his decks! As a team, we have so much to be thankful for: being safe and well, being able to work remotely from home, and having the constant support from each other and our clients.

Our decision 

As we are all starting to see that light at the end of this very long and dreary tunnel, we as a team can start to look to the future. After numerous team huddle discussions, we have decided to make working from home a permanent fixture from September.

During our team huddles, we discussed how working from home has affected our own work-life balance. It was obvious this had a positive impact on us all individually as well as a team. We asked a couple of the team how they have been finding it:

“I have really enjoyed working from home as it has had a positive impact on my work-life balance which in turn has led me to be more productive whilst working. It has even opened new doors for client meetings as they might not have been so open to the use of technology but now with the ease of zoom meetings it has been great for business. Steve has introduced weekly zoom calls with the team where we focus on how we have been and what we have been up to so it really feels like we are in communication with each other on a regular basis” – Beth

“I’ve been working remotely for some months now and I can certainly say I’ve seen a dramatic impact on my standard of life. I feel more productive, energised and empowered whilst in work day on day! Outside of work, I feel free to spend time with family and friends and I am not limited to being based in the office. Overall I’ve certainly seen a significant improvement to my quality of life and would champion any other business considering this way of working to follow in Sempar’s steps.” – James

Bringing your team together 

Here are our four top tips to increase WFH team spirit;

  1. Make sure you have at least one team huddle online a week.
  2. Create a reward mechanism in your meeting.
  3. Bring in a buddy system.
  4. As a leader check in regularly with all your team – show you care.

These tips are our working from home philosophy and it’s what has shaped us to be the best team we can be!

Our message to you

In a nutshell, working from home has certainly been the best outcome for us at Sempar. We still however, want to ensure you more than ever we are here to offer expert advice and support. No matter what your question, we are only a phone call or email away from assisting your queries.