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Previous episodes:

S2 Episode 6 – Making a living from your creative passion

May 05, 2021
In this episode, Steve is joined by Michelle Lloyd, the founder of United ArtSpace. From being unemployed and feeling lost, to finding her purpose and turning her passion into a living. Michelle shares her journey and biggest lessons for following your purpose and finding your joy.

S2 Episode 5 – Is your business protected should the worst happen?

April 07, 2021
In this episode, Steve is joined by David Carson from RJS Solicitors and Phil Stroud from Kind Wealth to chat about the importance of having a will to protect your business. David and Phil share their top tips to help busy business owners get their affairs in order and make sure their family are looked after should the worst happen.

S2 Episode 4 – The positive power of staying true to your values

March 24, 2021
In this episode, Steve chats with Nigel Ryan from EVC Solutions about what it’s like being an environmentally conscious start-up. Nigel shares his journey, how they’re overcoming the challenges of an earth-centred ethos, and how staying true to your values can make a positive impact to set your business up for the future.

S2 Episode 3 – Why now is the best time to start a business

March 10, 2021
In this episode, find out what some of the biggest businesses in the world have in common. And why agile start-ups and savvy entrepreneurs are winning new opportunities right now. Plus get our top takeaways from the spring 2021 budget.

S2 Episode 2 – How listening to your customers holds the key to your 2021 growth plans

Feb 24, 2021
Steve shares four questions you can ask your customers to unlock revenue and grow your business. By talking to your customers and listening to what they’ve got to say, you can identify trends and opportunities for offering new products or fixing issues before you lose business. Understand your customers’ needs and ignite your sales revenue for 2021.

S2 Episode 1 – An interview with your host Steve Timmis

Feb 10, 2021
Get a peek behind the scenes in this special episode as Steve joins Paul Shrimpling from Remarkable Practice to discuss Sempar’s unique approach to their culture and growth. Steve shares how doing the right thing, putting people first and giving their team the freedom, comfort and support to be their best selves is at Sempar’s core when it comes to success, growth and happiness.

Episode 10 – 5 value bombs for using empowering language to revolutionise your business, with Felicity Wingrove

Oct 28, 2020
Steve chats with psycholinguist Felicity, director of Zen Communications. Fliss shares her expertise from her 20-year career helping business owners harness the value of empowering language. Learn 5 communication wins you can start using today to create an emotional connection with your customers and get the outcomes you want for your business.

Episode 9 – Is your normal performance good enough in the current climate?

Oct 14, 2020
Steve explores how important your NORMAL is to achieving your goals.  He delves further into how improving your own standards and behaviours In these times can put you ahead of your competition.

Episode 8 – Take steps to make sure your business is driving you closer to your personal goals

Sep 02, 2020
Steve discusses how taking a step back and understanding your personal goals will help you make the right business decisions. Remember, your business is a vehicle to achieve your personal goals, whether you want to change your life for the better, build a great culture, or leave a legacy. Learn techniques to focus your mind, connect your business decisions with your personal goals and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Episode 7 – 5 Steps to unlocking effective tax planning

Aug 5, 2020
Steve shares five steps you can take to plan ahead, understanding your financial data to make smart tax and business decisions. With just a few small changes you can save money, confidently reinvest in your future and feel less overwhelmed by tax.

Episode 6 – Set your business strategy up for success with Heather Beckett

Jul 22, 2020
Steve chats with business strategist Heather Beckett who shares her experience of helping SMEs navigate through periods of change, allowing directors to step away from operations, create time to think strategically and empower their team to drive their business towards success.

Episode 5 – How to automate and rocket your start-up venture

Jul 7, 2020
Steve shares his top four apps to automate your start-up finances and keep your accounting records up-to-date in less than an hour a week. Allowing you to make sound decisions and focus on growing your business without falling into the trap of losing your evenings and weekends to hours of admin.

Episode 4 – How Inspiration and loss helped shape our business

Jun 24, 2020
Steve shares his story, and some steppingstones from his personal journey. From being an employee in an accountancy firm to running his own business, Steve explains life-changing events which have moulded the person he is today and how they have impacted his personal and business life.

Episode 3 – Is your mindset holding you back? Master your mind with Ross Smith

Jun 10, 2020
Steve talks to business coach Ross Smith who shares his story of how his life experience in the military and personal journey with mental health shaped his coaching career into what it is today, helping business owners see things differently, let go of the things that are holding you back and design the layout of your life.

Episode 2- Is your finance department focused on YOU or HMRC?

May 27, 2020
Steve shares his top three tips for switching the focus of your finance department to report and forecast the financial and operational position of your business, creating a routine for evaluating results and a clear path for your business so that success can be celebrated.

Episode 1 – The Steps to a Successful Lockdown

May 12, 2020
Steve shares his experiences of lockdown as well as tips for how you can start to develop a strategic plan for your immediate and long-term future, sharing practices that could help you out-plan your competition and make positive changes to your remote working practices.

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