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We're in the dream-building business. We believe a positive mindset and courageous innovation creates limitless possibilities.

Where it all began

During his 22-year career in practice, our co-founder, Steve Timmis, has seen every side of the industry, developing a unique insight from the perspective of both the accountant and the client.

He spent years intently listening to clients, getting under the skin of their businesses and identifying their needs.

It was this in-depth understanding, along with his passion for delivering a genuine client-focused service, which drove him to create Sempar in 2016.

Hear more from Steve and how inspiration and loss helped shape our business in our Sempar Talks podcast episode. Listen now.

Where we are now

From our founding team of just three, our Sempar family has grown to fourteen specialists covering all areas of accountancy, finance and business advice, each bringing their own unique gifts to our team.

We’re proud of our strong partnership network which sees us work alongside industry-leading experts in cloud accounting, specialist R&D, capital allowances, tax advisory, property tax and law, giving you access to the best professionals to help your business thrive.

Inspired by you

Our ethos is all about the needs of our clients.

We're here to give you the tools, confidence and knowledge you need to succeed and grow your business.

Successful partnerships are the backbone of our Sempar community. Bringing your personal and business dreams together with our experience, knowledge and technology to help you achieve beyond what you thought possible.

We're on this journey together, celebrating the good, learning from the challenges and striving towards limitless dreams and positive change.

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